JoSea Ħµ·

Illustration | Visual communication

Fanciful, surreal style and unidentified characters is her paintings trends, her works are”@
show on a variety of media (e.g video, prints, web, interior design) and extensive cooperation ”@
with different industries, now more focused on illustration.”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@

Explore, discover, research philosophy and personal view of the world to abstract painting and”@
in order to express a variety of ideologies, and recent works are focus onillustrations with media, ”@
boast that the goal has been to go, even if can't arrive at your destination,should written a story in”@
a process.”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@”@

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